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How to Backup Contacts, Apps and SMS

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Looking for some ways to backup the data like apps ad contacts on your device, so that you can proceed with the procedure to flash a stock rom, and also compensate for the data loss. And flash the backup apps, contacts and SMS again, so that all your personal important data is safe and you get (more…)

What is a stock ROM and Why you Need to Install it now?

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A ROM installed by the manufacturer of a phone is known as STOCK ROM.There are basically two types of ROMs available in the market Android Stock Rom and Android Custom Rom.Android is customizable to an extensive degree. When a manufacturer builds a Stock ROM the basic requirement to keep the smart phone running are the device (more…)

How to make a Complete Backup (nandroid) using CWM

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So here is a short post, which will help you to completely make a backup of your device using NANDroid using CWM.

Creating a backup for an android smartphone is as important as creating one for a computer. We often end up instating third party apps, side loading APK’s and experimenting new ROM’s, with all this there (more…)

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