How to make a Complete Backup (nandroid) using CWM

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So here is a short post, which will help you to completely make a backup of your device using NANDroid using CWM.

Creating a backup for an android smartphone is as important as creating one for a computer. We often end up instating third party apps, side loading APK’s and experimenting new ROM’s, with all this there is a significant chance that we might end up losing some data or even hampering the ROM.There are many tools available in the market to back up android devices which can help in recovering for such above mentioned situations. We will be discussing about one of them today known as NANDroid.


The name NANDroid has come from NAND. NAND is also known as the permanent flash memory that is used by a device to store the basic necessities to help it run. This does not include any functional or cosmetic change. A NANDroid backup is used to create a echo copy of an android device. The hacking community knows NANDroid as a standard directory structure. This backup can be used to save personal data and system files.

To recover a NANDroid backup we need a recovery application which supports Nandroid Backups. CWM and TWRP are the two basic applicationsavailable which support NANDroid backups. Once you are ready to flash, you can boot into the recover and create a backup for the same.


HOW to create a NANDroid backup recovery using CWM

To go ahead with a NANDroid backup using CWM, the device has to be rooted and must have CWM (latest version) installed.

  • Once you are ready, you need to reboot the device into the recovery mode (to do this please switch off the device, and press the volume up / down key and power key simultaneously.)
  • Please select Apply SD card update, now you will see the CWM recovery Screen.
  • Select “Backup” from the CWM Menu.
  • The back will soon start and can take up to 5 – 10 minutes.
  • You will get a conformation message on “100%” or “Done” depending on the version of CVM
  • You can now go back to the CMN main menu and select “Reboot to system” this will let you automatically reboot the device to last know best configuration.

Please note

  • Booting to recovery mode may differ from vendor to vendor and can be found on user manual.
  • In the recovery mode, touch screen function don’t work so you need to use the volume up / down keys to navigate through the menu of recovery.
  • It is really important to root the device before installing CWM
  • This backup does not contain any details of kernel.
  • Backup files created by the recovery application are large in size and are not across other backup application.

The restore process is as similar as the backup process, you need to reboot the device in recovery mode and select restore option. This opens up the SD card menu and you need to select the file that you have backed up earlier. It again takes about 10 – 15 minutes to complete the task. After which you can easily reboot to system and get back to the backup. So I hope it helped you in making a backup of your ROM using CWM, and if you face any error. Do contact us, we will try to solve your problems as soon as possible.

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