How to Backup Contacts, Apps and SMS

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Looking for some ways to backup the data like apps ad contacts on your device, so that you can proceed with the procedure to flash a stock rom, and also compensate for the data loss. And flash the backup apps, contacts and SMS again, so that all your personal important data is safe and you get it back on the new installed Stock ROM? Well here is a post to help you out.


Method 1:

Backing up smartphones is really important these days. Backing up data from a smart phone can be really a very trick topic to discuss. Smartphone data is basically divided into two types, media backup and phone data backup. Media backup includes all kinds of media for example music, photos, videos etc. whereas phone data backup includes Contacts, messages, apps in this article we will be conversing about phone of back up. Apps, Contacts, messages are as important as media. We need a backup so as to restore it as and when required. Data loss can happen in case of loss of smartphone or during upgrading and downgrading of operating system software. In both the cases we need good software back up tool or app to restore the backup file. We can use inbuilt backup and restore options or use app to create backup files.

 Alternative Method to Backup Contacts, Apps, SMS:

Using the inbuilt backup and restore option is recommended by android as it stores all your data under one roof and there is no third party involvement. By this feature is not available for old android smartphones. This feature enables an user to store contact, message, app data and complete micro SD card details. The backup file can be saved on a PC or any kind of media storage device. To use this feature you need to search for backup and restore option under the setting tab in any android phone. You will see two options there, backup and restore. Use the backup option followed by a wizard to create a backup of required data. To restore the backup file, you need to browse to the same section and select “Restore” option. As soon as you select the restore option a wizard pops-up with an option to choose the location of the backup file. You need to select the backup file location and follow a wizard to complete the backup process. The phone usually needs a restart post restore and backup wizard completion.

If in case you have an old smartphone which does not support or has inbuilt backup and recovery feature you can take individual contact backup. This method is also known as manual contact backup. This is traditional method of exporting your contact in a file and later importing the file as and when required. To do this you need to go to contacts option on your old smartphone, select “Import / Export “option. Export your contacts to SD card. You might get a dialog box to create a Vcard depending on the operating system options. Please select “YES” option. This will create a contact file in your SD card. You can again use the “Import” option from the contacts menu to get back the contacts saved in the Vcard. You can also use the contact backup option of Google to save your contacts in your Google account associated with the phone. This is a recommended contact backup option provided by Google.

There are many third party applications available in Market (play store) to help ease your backup task. Some apps which help in backup and recovery of contact, messages and apps are Titanium backup and Super backup. So I guess this post helped you a bit in backing up your apps, contacts and SMS, before you make the switch to the Stock ROM, or a custom ROM as a matter of fact.

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