Android 2.3.6 Stock ROM for GALAXY Y (GT-S5368)

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So here is a short Guide on how to Flash Stock ROM on Sony  GALAXY Y (GT-S5368) Android 2.3.6, You can also download Stock ROM for Samsung GALAXY Y (GT-S5368) Android 2.3.6.

What is a Stock ROM

To understand how to flash a Stock ROM on Samsung GALAXY Y (GT-S5368) Android 2.3.6 you must know what is a Stock ROM instead. Here is a short Description. Stock ROM is the official firmware that is installed on your GALAXY Y (GT-S5368) by default by Samsung. It is based on Touchwiz, in case of Samsung devices. Now but when you root your smartphone, users usually flash a Custom ROM and dump the Stock ROM that came along the device. Now there are various reasons to do so. As the Stock ROMs are not that fast, but they are highly stable, and also the functionalities are quite less. Also if your device is old, Samsung won't probably roll out updates after some time, so in that case if you want to upgrade your device, you flash a Custom ROM. But we will not dig deep into the Custom ROMs, as the sole purpose of this post is to help you flash Stock ROM on GALAXY Y (GT-S5368)}. Read more about Stock ROM here.

Why do you need to Flash a Stock ROM on Samsung GALAXY Y (GT-S5368)

Now above we discussed, that why users flash a Custom ROM, but here we will discuss that why should you rather flash Stock ROM. Now when you flash Stock ROM, you unroot the device. The root access is lost. Now also if you want to unroot GALAXY Y (GT-S5368) the procedure is going to be the same. Often Custom ROMs turn unstable and hence make your experience worst, so in that case you should consider flashing a Stock ROM on your device. Not only this, if you are planning to sell your device, you need to unroot it, flash the Stock ROM on the device.

Pre-Requisites for Flashing Stock ROM

Before beginning with the procedure, make sure that you have all the things in place, as we will need them for the flashing Stock ROM on GALAXY Y (GT-S5368).
  • Make sure that the device is properly charged, up and running.
  • We will also need a laptop or a computer with proper drivers installed for your device, i.e., Samsung GALAXY Y (GT-S5368) Android 2.3.6. Download And Install USB Drivers For Samsung GALAXY Y (GT-S5368) Android 2.3.6
  • Now flashing the Stock ROM on your device, will erase all the data on the device, so it is advised that you backup all your data first. If you do not know how to backup your data, you can checkout the links below.
  • Make an NAndroid Backup of the device using CWM
  • Backup Apps, Contacts and SMS
  • Also Download the following files, and also the Android 2.3.6 Stock ROM for GALAXY Y (GT-S5368).

Files Required to Download Before Flashing

Download the files below, you need to unlock the download links first, by performing one of the actions below.

How to Flash Android 2.3.6 Stock ROM for Samsung GALAXY Y (GT-S5368):

So here are the steps which will help you to flash the stock ROM on your By now your device GALAXY Y (GT-S5368).
  • First of all make sure that you have downloaded the correct Stock ROM for your device. Recheck the Model Number once again.
  • Turn on the USB Debugging mode by going into the settings of the phone. USB Debugging ON Samsung
  • Now Please Switch Off your Device. Power Off Samsung
  • Now reboot your Samsung GALAXY Y (GT-S5368) Android 2.3.6 into the Download Mode, which can be done by pressing the Volume Down Key + Power+ Home simultaneously. Keep holding them till the "Samsung" logo appears on the screen.
  • Now the device will ask for confirmation, you can confirm it by pressing the Volume UP button. Warning Sign on Samsung
  • By now your device must have entered the Download Mode, you will see a screen like in the image below.
  • Now connect it to the Computer/Laptop via a USB cable.
  • Now run Odin on the Computer or Laptop whatever to which you have connected the device.
  • On successful connection the ID:COM section will turn blue or yellow as shown in the image. Samsung Added to Odin PC Samsung
  • Now select the ROM File, in the PDA section as shown in the image below. Add Odin File Samsung
  • Make sure that all the other settings are same as the screen below.
  • Now click on Start button to start flashing the Stock ROM on GALAXY Y (GT-S5368). Start Flash Odin on Samsung
  • On successful flash, the ID:COM section will turn green as in the image. Odin Flash Pass Completed for Samsung
  • Now disconnect your GALAXY Y (GT-S5368) and reboot.
  • The Last Step is to make sure that you are no more rooted. So Just Download Root Checker Pro App and Install. It is pretty easy to use. Just open and Verify Root
So this was a tutorial which helped you on how to flash Android 2.3.6 Stock ROM on GALAXY Y (GT-S5368). I hope it helped. If in case the flash is not successful, try it once again. If still the problem persists, check whether the proper drivers are installed on the device or not. For any other problems, or whether the links are not working, you can always comment below, we will try to get back to you as soon as possible. For Any Queries on Flashing Stock ROM on Samsung GALAXY Y (GT-S5368) Android 2.3.6 you can always Contact Us or Comment Below.
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