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Looking to download and flash Stock ROM n Soja T500? You have come to the right place, on the internet. Here you can find the full detailed procedure on how to flash it on your device, and also you get to know some of the basic stuff about stock ROMs as well. So why wait? Let's dig in.

What is a Stock ROM:

First before you rush to the procedure, or download the stock rom for Soja T500, you should be basically knowing some basic stuff about the procedure and about Stock ROMs in general.
This is very basic stuff and if you are confident enough, and feel it would rather waste your time reading more about it, then you should not give it a second thought and jump to the later part of the post. But on the other hand, if it's your first time, then you could probably read it.
As you might know, Stock ROMs are the ROMs that came pre installed on your device. Of course they are slow and lag, and are full of bloatware. But they happen to really very stable. And Stock ROMs are also have to be usually flashed using a flash tool, and not through recovery.
Also all the data on the device gets wiped, and it is like a whole new device. And also as a matter of fact you also lose the root access to the device. But why would you want to flash a stock ROM to your phone, after actually using a Custom One, don't worry you got some scenarios in the next section.

Should you Flash Stock ROM on Soja T500?

Well as said above, as the Stock ROM is slow and lags, but why would you flash stock rom on your  Soja T500? As said above, stock ROMs are highly stable, and also give you back all the official support from the manufacturer. it is like you get the new device all running up again.
You could have to flash a stock ROM once you get to a custom ROM, which is not stable and is crashing all the time. There could be other possibilities as well, as when you end up bricking the device, you have to flash the Stock ROM all over again. Or maybe you are looking to sell your device.
This one seems a bit odd, isn't it? yes but if you think, it makes complete sense, no one would buy your phone, given the fact that you don't have a stock ROM running on it, no matter how bad it maybe. Official Support is Official Support hands down.
So there you go, this was some basic stuff about stock rom for Soja T500, and now you can begin the procedure to flash it using the flash tool.

Pre Requisites:

Before you begin to flash the stock ROM on Soja T500, there are some things that you need to get it done before. Go through the check list before, as you do not want to miss on these.
  • The device should be properly charged, at least 60-70 percent as we do not want that the device interrupts you in the middle and ask you to plug in the power.
  • You will need a laptop or a computer, with the proper drivers installed on the device. You can get them here.
  • Backup the important data on the device, as when you flash stock rom, all the data on the device gets wiped.
  • So you would want to backup it, before you begin. You can refer to the guides below, in case.
  • Make an NAndroid Backup of the device using CWM
  • Backup Apps, Contacts and SMS
  • Enable the USB Debugging Mode, by going into the Settings, and then Developer Options.
  • In case you don't see Developer Options, you need to tap on the 'Build Number' of the device about 7 times.



You can download the stock rom for Soja T500 from the download link below, as it will be the file that we will be flashing. Also download the flash tool which will let us flash. But before you hit the download links, you need to unlock the links, and you can do that by performing any of the mentioned tasks below.

How to Flash Stock ROM for Soja T500:

So here are the final and detailed guidelines, or step by step instructions that you need to follow to flash the stock rom on Soja T500. So let us begin.
  • Switch off your Soja T500, from the Power Button.
  • power-off
  • Download the Stock ROM on the computer, and extract it in case if it not in the required file format.
  • Also Download and place the Flash Tool on the computer, extract it, and content of the folder will be as below.
  • extract
  • Now in the contents of the folder, look for the file named as Flash_tool.exe, then open it
  • click-flash-tool
  • As it launches, you will see a windows as below
  • Click on the 'Download ' tab to further proceed
  • download
  • Now in this window, click on the option 'scatter-loading'
  • scatter-loading
  • Now navigate to the scatter file, which you will find in the Stock ROM folder
  • navigate-file
  • Tap on the 'Download' button to begin the flashing process
  • Now connect the device to the device, with the help of a USB cable
  • click-on-download
  • Here in this step to make the tool detect your device, easily you can press Volume Keys
  • And then as soon as the flash process is completed successfully, as green check signal would appear on the screen as follows.
  • success
  • that's it, disconnect the phone, and enjoy the stock ROM on your Soja T500.
  • The Last Step is to make sure that you are no more rooted. So Just Download Root Checker Pro App and Install. It is pretty easy to use. Just open and Verify Root

So this was a short post that helped you to flash Stock ROM on Soja T500, and if in case any of the download link appear to be broken, or you face any other errors or issues, you can try contacting us and our team would try to solve the problem as soon as possible.

For Any Queries on Flashing Stock ROM on Soja T500 you can always Contact Us or Comment Below.
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