What is a stock ROM and Why you Need to Install it now?

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A ROM installed by the manufacturer of a phone is known as STOCK ROM.There are basically two types of ROMs available in the market Android Stock Rom and Android Custom Rom.Android is customizable to an extensive degree. When a manufacturer builds a Stock ROM the basic requirement to keep the smart phone running are the device drivers. The remaining part of the ROM is decided on what apps to be installed and how to have the interface modified to suit customer needs.In other words it can be termed as functional and cosmetic changes. Stock Rom Come with manufacturer oriented premium apps like live wallpapers, Music Player, widgets etc. These apps are especially designed by the manufacturer to enhance the android user experience. Every different vendor has a different set of premium apps for every new device.

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To install a Custom ROM, a user needs to root a device and Rooting voids warranty. This is a simple reason why users stick to stock ROM’s during the warranty period. By default android possess its own cool form factor, but manufacturer always want to load android with more premium features. Although custom ROMs are free to install but premium features like flip clock on lock screen and swipe keyboard will be chargeable. Custom launchers are a good example for this. Samsung phones come with touchwiz UI and can be installed with any launcher, but a phone having a custom rom will not be able to install premium launcher like the touchwizUI.

When we talk about security android Custom ROMs again falls in the second place. It will not be strange to believe that stock android comes with boundless security features as compared to Custom Android ROMs. A user is assured of not having any malwares, viruses, or privacy loop hole in stock android. It turns out to be easy when it comes to trust a device which comes from a reputed company. A custom Rom comes from an unidentified developer with an unidentified source code. The origin of the source code is also questionable. Any reputed vendor or Google will never provide a custom ROM. It is developed by communities and is supported by contributors.

Why to Install Stock ROM:


Stock ROM provides the basic required features to use a device without any cosmetic changes. Stock ROMs are made just for standard user experience. Truly Stock ROMs don’t possess any functional changes as such. Nowadays stock rom is only found in devices where the hardware and operating system are built by the same manufacturer.

Equally Stock ROMs and Custom ROMs have their set of advantages and disadvantages. Selecting the most appropriate version of ROM is on the user completely and requires cautious consideration. Stock ROM is an outcome of unremitting testing post intensive research carried out by Operating system possessors. It will be wise to switch to a custom rom only if you want to push your device beyond its limits and don’t care about your device or operating system’s warranty.

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